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Carrying identification is important not only for those with medical conditions, it is important for everyone, whether that’s children, adults, the vulnerable or the elderly. There are so many people who could benefit from carrying ID they just haven’t thought about it…

Our range includes colourful and durable identity bracelets, ID tags in 90 different colour combinations and shoe tags. We’ll soon be launching a range of bag tags for laptops, luggage, handbags, camera bags and backpacks.

Tagnix is ideal for runners, cyclists, swimmers, triathletes, walkers, horse-riders or any sport where people do not have a place to carry traditional ID such as a card or wallet and where you are often out alone.

And it’s not only sports where Tagnix is ideal but also for those people who wouldn’t normally carry ID or where it’s not practical, for example children, the vulnerable and the elderly in public places like the beach, park, theme parks, on holiday, at festivals or travelling away from home.

So whether it is running, cycling, walking your dog or for your children when you are out for the day you know that if the worst happens someone knows who you are and how to reach your emergency contacts.

You most likely want to include your ICE – In Case of Emergency and contact details but we can engrave anything you want. You decide what goes on your tag and we engrave it, it is that easy!


Safety for children

I have recently been following a few posts on Mums pages on Facebook about child safety when we are out and about.  The chances of children going missing are slim to none but as a parent it is the one thing that worries me daily.  Our company offers simple solutions to give you peace of…

Just a quiet jog with my chums

Thank you to one of our Twitter followers, Clive, for writing this blog as a reminder to wear accessible ID on you when you are out and about! Guest Blog by Clive Baker – Burnham-on-Sea Harriers After coming home from holiday and receiving an email saying I’m only 12 weeks away from my next half…

Race to the King

Many of you will know of the Race to the King, Threshold Sport’s ultra-marathon following the South Downs Way national trail from near Arundel all the way to the doors of Winchester Cathedral, with the option to cover the 53miles over two days, or, as I did, covering it all in a single day. As…

Weald meet again

It’s been a tough few weeks of training and racing since the Ashford and District marathon that’s left me questioning at times whether I’m ever going to be ready for this month’s Race to the King. A short training run that I had to finish walking, hating the sun; totally destroyed by the Bewl Water…

Running over yourself with a Segway is the best way to taper

It turns out that running over yourself with a Segway is the best way to taper… …for a 20 miler.  For a marathon, not so much.  I suppose I should add that Tagnix was lucky enough to go on holiday over Easter, and as usual, despite all my good intentions, I managed just three 5k…

Stort 30

Here’s how the conversation went in the car on the drive up to the Stort 30… Here’s how the conversation went in the car on the drive up to the Stort 30… PAUL: “What time are you aiming for?” ME: “Anything sub 5 hours”…thinks for a moment…“but I think I’ll go out at 9 minute…

Video Review by The Backoffice show

Video Review by The Backoffice show

A great review here by The Backoffice Show:

The Running Dinosaur: ICE – Not for injuries

The Running Dinosaur: ICE – Not for injuries

The Running Dinosaur has added a tag to his Garmin

Pusher of Pedals: ICE – In Case of Emergency

Pusher of Pedals: ICE – In Case of Emergency

Pusher of Pedals reviews the options and recommends Tagnix.

Tagnix… Identity on the Run

Tagnix… Identity on the Run

Samantha Jones writes about Tagnix and her work with us.

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