A brief history of Tagnix

Nikki & Jemima
Nikki & Jemima

Just a little introduction to who I am how Tagnix came about…

My name is Nikki, I am married to Gary and Mum to 3 year old Jemima. After being made redundant whilst on maternity leave we came up with the idea for Tagnix.

Gary is a keen triathlete and, with 4 Ironman’s under his belt, is always either running or cycling for the next race!! He never used to go out with any ID on him and, when training for Ironmans, he can be out of the house for 5+ hours at a time. About 5 years ago, during one of his bike rides a bus nearly knocked him off and it was after then I decided to buy him some ID tags for Christmas, which he has worn ever since. He now wears Tagnix ID tags, a bracelet and a shoe tag for his training and races!!

Gary & Jemima
Gary & Jemima

When trying to find his tags I could only find the tags available in silver and embossed with personal details. For our company I wanted many colours and also many different ways to be able to easily carry identification should the worst happen. We carry 90 combinations of silencer and tag, 6 colours of bracelet and 2 colours of shoe tag. I am always working on different pictures or logos to put on tags and already have a few triathlon clubs as examples.

Even though Jemima is only 3, she already knows that if we are out of the house she wears her “Tagnix” (her red bracelet). She also has a tag on her backpack which has my details on in case she gets lost or in an emergency. She is also obsessed with my advertising postcards, making sure each one of her dollies and teddies have one…

I am happy to talk to anyone about bespoke orders and have been very pleased since I set up the company at how many other uses people have found for the tags. Hen tags being my favourite (Thanks to my sister for that one!!)


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