I have been trying to recreate a barcode on one of my bracelet plates for a friend whose daughter does Parkruns. I had never heard of them before and, after researching them, 2 other people have since mentioned them to me and apparently there is one down in Whitstable every Saturday morning.

I have a friend who traces my logos for me so I asked her to copy the barcode for me in the correct format for me to engrave on the plate. I engraved two different sizes and my friends daughter Tilly was my tester. Good news was one worked so now I just have to work out what I did to recreate it again! Pictures attached are of Tilly testing them for me on her run.

I have got another tester but she is on holiday so when she gets back I will get her test another one.

If there is anyone else who would like to give it a go and be a tester for me please drop me a line at


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