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I’ve been reflecting lately on why I run bike swim, it’s certainly not to be competitive as I’ll never be dedicated enough for the training necessary to be competitive. Instead I think it’s because I want to challenge myself and I’m therefore left pondering what challenges remain.

For me the challenge has always been going long, I’ve done 4 Ironman triathlons and 3 stand-alone marathons but the issue with going long is you need to plan a long way in advance, not just for the training but also because many of these events book up in minutes of opening a year in advance.

So, looking forward I need that 5th Ironman. It feels like number 5 would be a nice number and then I can put triathlons to rest for a few years. Beyond that the Comrades Ultra Marathon in South Africa seems like my Everest; I have to have a go simply because it’s there (and also because Nikki’s South African so we can visit family too).

So I’m planning out my 2014 season thinking to race as late as possible into the winter to carry as much race fitness into spring 2015 for Ironman South Africa (more family visits), then concentrate on long distance running through the summer 2015 to qualify for Comrades in June 2016 and then it struck me, I can’t plan that far in advance anymore.

Jemima is 4 next year and starts school in September 2014 at which point we’ll only be able to holiday in the school breaks which means all those holidays as an excuse for some great racing will end. Ironman Florida, Ironman South Africa, Florida Rocketman; all races I won’t be able to do again. Ironman Australia, Ironman Malaysia, the Comrades? Nope, not any time soon.

So what does that leave? Ironman Wales, Challenge Weymouth, The Owler to make Ironman number 5. And as for the Comrades? That is on the list for 2031 – Well I did say you need to plan a long way in advance!!!



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