What to do when a season goes bad?

I had a good season last year, I was running faster than ever and had achieved some good results in a few triathlons, not quite making the top 10 but closer than I’d ever expected so at the end of 2013 I started planning this season, throwing out the thoughts of a 5th Ironman and instead targeting shorter races, building speed and just intending to have fun prior to switching to running alone for the next few years.

I had a good solid plan, nothing too ambitious with my available time, lots of multiple, shorter sessions in a day revolving around my daily commute. Back in April I should’ve run close to a PB for a half marathon, I should have already done my 1st Olympic tri of the season and I should be preparing for Cranbrook tri this weekend.

Instead? Well, instead I broke my ribs at Xmas in a drink related dance floor incident and caught some unspecified virus resulting in 6 weeks out of training, then overcooked the Paddock Wood ½ Marathon immediately followed by a 3 week holiday and another virus which is still with me.

So where am I now? Well, I’m demotivated that’s for sure. I’ve pulled out of Cranbrook and will be pulling out of Windsor. My first tri will be in July if I’m lucky but I really need to rest.   Basically, this season feels like it’s ended before it’s even started.

So, the real question is, do I persevere with the rest of the season, just making the most of a bad start or do I replan, rebuilding a good strong base to hit the winter running season with avengeance?



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