Run Disney Castaway Cay 5k

Every year I always try to do one overseas race but this year the best I had planned was a dull looking 10k in Houston. And then even that got moved leaving 2015 as a UK only year.
Except we went on a Disney Cruise this year with Disney’s own Bahamian island of Castaway Cay one of the stops and it turns out Run Disney always arrange a 5k race on the island whenever a ship stops there.
Now to say I was excited was an understatement. Run Disney are famous for their races and in particular the medals (look them up, you’ll be amazed), but none of their races are during UK school holidays so doing one was never gonna be an option. Until now.
Docking at the Cay, looking over the tiny island’s golden sands and blue seas, I couldn’t help but think this would be one of the most beautiful places I have ever run, a thought that was more than confirmed as I disembarked at 0900 with about 60 other running minded cruisers for a short walk to the start line.

Island - Castaway Cay
Island – Castaway Cay

It was a very hot day as you’d expect. We toed the start line for the 3-2-1 countdown and were off, soon running down the disused runway and round the cycle path. Back to the runway and past an old prop plane. At which point I was perhaps unbelievably in the lead. But only just and as the heat finally hit me I heard steps behind and I slipped back to 3rd place for a final lap round the cycle path and the finish before being presented with my 1st (and probably only) Run Disney medal.

And are Run Disney medals worth it? Well, you judge.

Medal 5k race
Medal 5k race


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