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I have recently been following a few posts on Mums pages on Facebook about child safety when we are out and about.  The chances of children going missing are slim to none but as a parent it is the one thing that worries me daily.  Our company offers simple solutions to give you peace of mind whether you are travelling, enjoying days at the beach, at fun fairs/parks or just generally out and about for the day.

Since I started the business I have been looking into different products that we could maybe add to our range to cover the emerging wearable tracker market.  The products however are constantly changing and, how well they work can very much depend on the area you are in and your signal.  This is definitely an area that we keep an eye on and if a product becomes available that works well with our product line we will look at adding it.

Luckily for my 7 year old I run the business I do and she has her pick of our products (This does mean she can change the colour of her bracelet to match her outfit!!) but for most parents this means having a plan and a product is going to work for their family. In our case J wears a bracelet on her wrist and if she has a backpack or bag she usually has a bag tag with mine and Gaz’s contact details on them. One of the two would be sufficient but at least if she loses her bag it can be returned to us too! 

Our products come in a range of colours and most children love them – in fact the two cute little boys of one of our customers even think they make them feel like real Superheroes!!  There is no worry about someone knowing information about your child from a distance as the information is small enough to be discreet but big enough to be read up close.

And here are a few other ideas I picked up from the many posts I have been reading about this subject:

  • Take a photo on your phone of your child/children as you leave home.  This way you will have a photo showing the clothes they are wearing on that day and make sure you can see their facial features, to help others look for your child with you.
  • Have a plan so that they know what to do if they do get lost – in our family we tell our daughter to stand still, don’t move from her spot and just shout our names out loud as she can – we will look for her not the other way around.  We also tell her if that doesn’t work to ask a nearby adult (in a uniform or a parent with children) to call us on the numbers that are on her tag.  
  • Dress your child in a bright coloured top so they are easily spotted in a crowd

And of course, it would be great to hear if you have any other tips and ideas.


All of our products would be suitable for children however these are the best three:


Available in 6 bright colours, durable and water resistant nylon and Velcro fully adjustable bracelets

Each bracelet can have up to 6 lines of text 

Bag Tags:

Available in 9 colours with 3 different connectors  

One side has up to 6 lines of emergency information and the other a picture or their name in a funky font.

Shoe Tags:

These are only suitable if you child wears shoes with laces as they grip onto the laces to stay on the shoe.  

Available in Red and Black 

6 lines of text per shoe tag

With each option you can have as much or as little information on your tags.  Usual information parents include are:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Parent 1 contact details
  • Parent 2 contact details
  • Allergies or medication


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