How are the ID tags and plates engraved? What information is generally engraved on the tags/bracelets/shoe tags? Do you have the toy test results for the ID tags? Can I get my own logo or event engraved onto a tag? Can I get my information engraved on both sides of the tag?

Product Information

How do the bracelets cope with water? What are the chains made from? How do the shoe tags attach to shoes? Can I get different lengths of chain?


When would I be notified if the item I require is not in stock? Does the price include VAT? Can I cancel my order once placed? What happens if I have ordered the wrong size bracelet? What happens if the engraving on the plates or ID tags is wrong? How do I track my order?


How will my goods be delivered? Are there any Customs and/or Duty charges? What is the delivery time?



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